Sustaining education and wellness in areas of need


Our Mission

Kali to Kali is a non-profit organization that has worked in communities in both Rwanda and Pakistan. We strive to help these communities become self sufficient and independent by providing long term sustainable support in healthcare and education. In Pakistan, Kali to Kali has helped communities in the Mardan area by building new laboratories, libraries, and playgrounds for local schools. Additionally we were able to complete our first project in Rwanda in the Summer of 2016. Where through your support, we were able to tackle the lack of access to clean water and adequate nutrition, by building eight water tanks and over one hundred fruit/vegetable gardens. 

Through your help, Kali to Kali is now providing over four thousand people with access to clean water and adequate nutrition through its water tanks and vegetable/fruit gardens!

Our Goals

  • Continue our work in Rwanda, through building additional water wells, vegetable/fruit gardens, and helping support educational initiatives
  • Continue our work in Pakistan by addressing educational challenges

Check Out Our Rwanda Project Video!